Creating Happiness

Christy Mann-IiamesWhen you deny your passion you are doomed to be unhappy.
Writing is my passion and I have decided to go back to what I love and make a living as a writer again. When I was writing every day at work as a journalist and in Marketing and Public Relations, I was motivated and excited. I would spend my free time writing short stories and working on my romance novel.
Working in retail management does not motivate and excite me to write; it is too physically and emotionally exhausting.
I am creating this website as an e-portfolio of the writing and editing I have done in the past with the goal of connecting with individuals and businesses looking for a freelance copy writer and/or editor. I will also be blogging regularly about my adventures as I begin my new freelance writing career and create my own happiness.
I hope each of you will choose to follow your passion in life and create your happiness too.


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